Imperial Coffee is pleased to announce another example of its long-standing commitment to the environment.  It all has to do with improvements in the sustainability of the Freshpacks used in MARS DRINKS Flavia brewers.

Today’s workforce often expects their workplace to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Increasingly, people at work want to know they have chosen a sustainable workplace drinks solution.

That’s why Imperial Coffee  will be offering new and more sustainable Freshpacks from MARS DRINKS. The initiative will reduce the amount of plastic waste from Freshpacks that end up in landfill.

MARS DRINKS has removed the aluminum layer from the Freshpack. The aluminum  layer is the material with the greatest environmental impact. This has reduced the carbon footprint of  single-serve packaging by 25% which is equivalent CO2 savings of a 300 person office opting to leave their cars at home and ride their bikes to work for an entire year!

Beginning in September, Imperial Coffee will also be offering Starbucks coffees with the MARS DRINKS brewers.

The office beverage station is no longer just a coffee maker, but a place to take a break and link with co-workers.The MARS DRINKS solution is exclusively designed for the office to help create connections, keeping employees satisfied and engaged.

The new environmental initiative from MARS DRINKS is one more reason to consider this solution to your office coffee needs.