office coffee

We love getting rave reviews like this one from Stacy C. of Mississauga:

“I just wanted to say thank you to Imperial Coffee for assigning Lex to our account. Not once has Lex ever made me feel that I am not #1 and very important to him and your company.

I take my hat off to Lex. At times he will insert a little image (St Patrick’s Day for example) which puts a smile on my face exactly when I need it the most!

I have been an Account Manager and in in Management in previous years. Too many times I have seen (and been involved firsthand) in customer service where clients only remember to communicate with management at a vendor/supplier when they feel issues are at hand.

We are all guilty of thinking all is good and move on to the next item at hand. That is just plain wrong!

Lex has been so wonderful and amazing to deal with. I am fairly new to your whole program. I have never worked at a company that offered this service to their employees, so I was not even aware of what to do.

It doesn’t matter what I email Lex about:  last minute requirements, questions on products that I don’t have a clue about, etc…  
The response time is exceptional. The quality of the information back to me is incredibly helpful. Not once has he not been able to assist me with everything I have asked about.

Lex makes me look good when it comes to this service.

Please, please, please don’t ever take him away from my account.”